Welcome to deep time massage


Hello, I'm Mira.

I specialise in rhythmical, flowing touch, integration and celebration

of your body - here now - in the present moment. 

Relax, unwind and embody new sensations of ease and release

with individually tailored massage sessions available at the

Totnes Natural Health Centre.

Holistic Massage is a thorough and well balanced approach to traditional massage.

Each session starts with a full consultation of your physical, emotional and well-being needs on the day.


Working holistically, I combine active listening and bodywork experience with therapeutic touch, assisting muscles to relax, ligaments to soften, and joints to mobilise, helping you return to the tranquillity and bliss available within your body.

A session can suit facial & head, pregnancy, hand & foot or full body massage, and may include Deep Tissue work, Myofacial release and Neuro-Muscular techniques.

It is fully adaptable to your needs whether you want relief from a specific area of pain or tension, or are simply looking to enjoy a skilled and rejuvenating treatment.


Rhythm Massage is a rich and dynamic full-body experience with each session being unique to you.

Through a deep listening to the natural rhythms of the body, accompanied by a specially crafted musical soundtrack or 'wave',  you receive an immersive massage journey through the shifting rhythms.


The cyclical nature of the 'wave' opens up space to drop into a profound relaxation and a provides the patterns through which the body "hears itself", tuning into the memory of it's own cycles - inter-connected with the bigger cycles of the cosmos... and through this gentle hearing, brings about inner movement and integration.


"She treated me with so much care. There is a huge healing side to her touch. She isn't massaging a client but a person."

Sara D