slow it down...





rhythmical flowing touch

the integration and celebration of

your body

here now - in the present moment

with individually tailored

Deep Time Massage

We'll start with a chat to discuss your well-being needs on the day, and how I can best assist you.


With this information, I sink into a presence of listening to your body's signals, and combine this with a rich play of bodywork experience.


Tensions begin to relax, muscles and tissues start to soften, and the body's energy returns to its natural fluid state - tranquillity and bliss available within your body.


I specialise in flowing full-body massage using circles, figure-of-eights, rocking and repetitions, all naturally calming to the central nervous system.


My toolkit spans orthodox techniques from Deep Tissue work, Myofacial release and Neuro-Muscular treatment, and also includes experience and training within somatic movement, meditation and prayer.


Our session is completely tailored to you, making it fully adaptable to your needs - whether you want relief from a specific area of pain or discomfort, or are simply seeking the spaciousness of a skilled and nourishing treatment.

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To book a session call me,

Mira on: 07746416526

1 hour       -  £45

1.5 hours -  £60

2 hours     -  £80


Sara D

"She treated me with so much care. There is a huge healing side to her touch. She isn't massaging a client but a person."